Laurel Canyon Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Laurel Canyon real estate has always managed to attract its share of visitors, thanks to the winding roads and hairpin turns that take it all the way to the top of the Santa Monica Mountain Range and into the Valley. Today, Laurel Canyon Boulevard is a major artery on both sides of the hill. It runs north from Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, over the divide to the San Fernando Valley, where it then follows the 170 freeway up through North Hollywood and beyond.

In spite of the road's marathon stretch, the region of Laurel Canyon itself refers to that at the base of the hill. When most people refer to Laurel Canyon real estate they mean to say the area at the mouth of the Canyon on the Hollywood side. To be fair, however, Laurel Canyon is just as much a staple of the Valley side as well, even if homes there command slightly less value.

More on Laurel Canyon Real Estate

On the Hollywood side, Laurel Canyon real estate is known for its proximity to the clubs, bars, and restaurants of the Sunset Strip. A few minutes farther south on Sunset takes residents into the heart of West Hollywood through the Fairfax District toward La Cienega's "Restaurant Row," Carthay Circle, Little Ethiopia, or any number of other interesting historical or commercial districts. It all depends on just how east or west one travels from Laurel Canyon Boulevard, which ends at Sunset.

More expensive Laurel Canyon real estate can be found upon one's ascent up Lookout Mountain, where many stars opt to make their homes. The street takes drivers up toward the famed Mount Olympus, which boasts one of the most impressive views of Los Angeles. On exceptionally clear days, one may even spot the Big Blue all the way to the west.

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