Long Beach Homes For Sale

Written by Jen Nichol
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Who would have thought it? Seaside living for everyone on the sunny California coast! The hallmark of this thriving city is "opportunity" and not just because it's a booming economic center.

From gleaming, ocean-view homes, to cozy cottages and modern live/work space, the Long Beach homes for sale span every style and budget. Don't be fooled by the name, this modern city is more than just a beach; what began as a resort area early in the last century has become a cosmopolitan area bursting with energy and culture.

Can Families Thrive Here?

From elementary through university level, the quality of education here is "top-of-the-trees!" Higher learning is as valued here as the bustling international businesses and the world-class port. The Queen Mary calls Long Beach "home," and the aquarium and the marina shops provide a place for quality family outings.

Long Beach homes for sale create a unique opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of West Coast living. You can live, work, study, and play in one charming area, bringing the family closer together. Cafes, concerts, and the mild climate round out the easy living in Long Beach.

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