Los Alamos Real Estate

Written by Patty Yu
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Nestled within San Luis Obispo County, Los Alamos real estate growth potential is endless. In 1821 when Mexico broke from Spanish rule, nearly fifty thousand acres of land became known as "Rancho Los Alamos". The town Los Alamos, founded in 1876, was halfway between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, making it an ideal place for travelers to stop for lodging.

The area holds a rich history with many stories right out of our favorite westerns. In fact, when Los Alamos was still "Rancho Los Alamos," a highway bandito named Solomon Pico hid out in the hills above town. Solomon Pico was known to terrorize gringos and enjoy immunity from the law with a Mexican governor brother. In the popular films depicting "Zorro," Zorro's character is based on Pico.

However, Los Alamos real estate became significant when California became a state and the railroads opened up through the Pacific Coast. The town grew slowly as people traveled between two larger areas in Central California's coast. Prior to the railroad, stagecoach was one of the only means of transportation, with many stories about highway robberies along the route written down in history.

Why are People Choosing Los Alamos Real Estate?

With thousands of acres of undeveloped land right between two major coastal areas in Central California, Los Alamos real estate is a ticking time bomb. Much of the area in both Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County have grown tremendously in the last several years, with some area home values doubling! Many suggest the area's investment potential is endless.

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