Los Angeles County Homes

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Los Angeles is the seat of Los Angeles County. The county is governed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. There are only five members on the board, which makes each member representative of about 2 million people. The board meets weekly and the meetings are broadcast on local television and transcripts of the county meetings are available at the county's website.

The highway system in Los Angeles County, in fact throughout all of California, is governed by the California Department of Transportation, or Caltrans as it is known locally. Los Angeles County is known worldwide for its traffic, but Caltrans helps the over 9.5 million Los Angeles County residents travel a collective 99 million miles every day.

There are so many colleges and universities in Los Angeles County that naming all of them would take several pages. Some of the more recognizable schools are University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University and Pepperdine University. The sheer volume of schools in the area almost guarantees that anyone can find the right university or college for them within Los Angeles County.

A Home in Los Angeles County

Once you've decided that you like what Los Angeles County has to offer, it's time to find a home. This may be more difficult than it seems. You're in the most populated county in the nation and every piece of inhabitable land in the area has been built on. You'll need a very street savvy and quick-witted realtor to help you find your home in the location you'd like to live. The market in the Los Angeles area is cutthroat, and you want your realtor to be able to run with the competition

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