Lower Haight Properties

Written by Linda Alexander
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Lower Haight properties for sale are difficult to find these days. With so many people in the area renting, there are not a lot of houses for sale. When they do become available, Lower Haight properties often consist of combination live/work spaces, lofts, in renovated warehouses.

Lower Haight properties are home to lively people. Unlike Haight-Ashbury, the Lower Haight is filled with young artsy types. It has trendy bars, restaurants, and boutiques, organic food shops, and coffeehouses. The bar scene comes alive on weekends, with metal, reggae, techno, or rock bands playing to a young crowd.

Why Buy Lower Haight Properties?

With its undefined borders, the neighborhood used to be known as Haight-Ashbury's strip of dives and broken down buildings. Like many other areas in the city, in recent years, Lower Haight has received a face lift and experienced a Renaissance. For residents, it provides a popular alternative to its trite sister, Haight-Ashbury.

Borders aside, wherever Lower Haight is exactly, the neighborhood houses a diverse mix of people. Punks, artists, dotcom entrepreneurs, families, and ethnically diverse cultures keep Lower Haight growing and changing. It is a colorful place, with lots to see and experience.

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