Malibu Homes

Written by Jen Nichol
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Imagine balmy night breezes gently moving white curtains away from floor-length windows. Imagine opening your eyes and watching moonlight play on the water, and smell the bougainvillea drifting into Malibu homes on the warm, night air. "I'm so glad I made this choice," you think, before drifting back off into untroubled sleep.

The old days are gone. Your old life of traffic snarls, impossible commutes, and horrific weather is barely a memory. Life in Malibu has taken over! You will need to rethink old ideas of how life has to be, and start "letting life live through you."

So Easy

"Is life supposed to be this easy?" You wonder, "Am I really so close to thriving business and financial centers? Is it really only three minutes to my child's school?" You are and it is. Welcome to the type of life offered to those who live in Malibu homes.

With 21 miles of coastline, and a population of only 12,575, it's easy to feel as if you are in your own paradise. There's plenty of room to breathe and dream...but who needs dreams if you live in Malibu?

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