Malibu Property

Written by Jen Nichol
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Forget hard nuggets in icy streams. Think golden sand, golden sunsets, and wide-open shining vistas. This lifestyle is the true wealth of California. They say "your health is your wealth." Well, nowhere is it easier to get outdoors and be healthy than here in Malibu.

Malibu Property Is the Real California Gold

Whether your concern is with great schools, proximity to conveniences, finding challenging golf courses, or locating a good path to do some inline skating, it's all here in Malibu. It's a beachside community with the best taste around. With a locale famous for natural beauty, and Malibu property famous for glamour and style, every one of your homeownership fantasies can come true.

From the Malibu Lagoon Museum to the Getty Villa, which is a center for the study of comparative archaeology and cultures, you can enrich yourself and your understanding of this sparkling area. World-famous Pepperdine University caters to bright minds and local surfing contests attract world-class athletes.

In this famed town where Wilshire meets the Pacific Coast Highway, you can let your imagination soar. Malibu property gives you instant access to deep, blue waters and soft, white sand; this gently curved beach invites all residents to day after day of enjoyment and relaxation.

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