Mission Hills Real Estate

Written by Krystin Spellman
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In 1849, the gold rush made Mission Hills famous. With property values quadrupling over the last ten years, the gold rush is in many ways still alive today. If you were fortunate enough to have purchased a home in Mission Hills one decade ago, you would be very pleased to know that the return on your investment will prove to be well worth it.

If you are in the market to sell a home you own in Mission Hills, consider benefiting from the professional help of real estate agent. Mission Hills is a thriving community, attracting many home buyers. It is imperative that you gain assistance to get the competitive edge you need. A good Mission Hills real estate agent will work hard to make sure that you get your asking price, if not more.

What to Expect

Picture this. You placed your home on the market only a few short days ago, and your real estate agent is already calling you with fantastic news. The couple that looked at your home last night have already put an offer on the table! Later that day, your agent arrives to present the offer; you are so excited that you can hardly contain yourself. As they begin to present the price and terms, you begin to feel a bit disappointed, feeling that the price is too low and some of the terms seem inconvenient to meet. The question then becomes, should you work out the deal or wait for something better?

Real estate agents will typically say, "Work it out." In most cases, the first offer that comes in is the best one you well get. This is why it is generally a good rule of thumb to price high when you are coming right out of the gate. When your home is fresh on the market, it is common to expect a flood of activity and potential buyers coming through your doors. If you are lucky enough to get a good offer right away, it will work in your advantage to attempt to work out a compromise.

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