Mission Properties

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mission properties form the neighborhood surrounding the original 6th Mission church in San Francisco. As you probably already know, Spanish missions were established in what is now California, to give Spain a claim to the New World, as well as to Christen the Native Americans living there. The original mission in San Francisco is still an active church and is open to visitors.

Mission properties are popular with working-class Latino families, young professionals, artists and others who enjoy its culturally diverse atmosphere. Houses here cost between $150,000-$300,000. If you are into nightlife, you should check out the Mission properties that house nightclubs and bars here.

Diversity in Mission Properties

Mission properties are some of the city's oldest, and the area grows increasingly diverse and upscale along Valencia Street. The Mission is also the city's most radical neighborhood politically. There are active labor associations, left-wing bookstores, hippies and hipsters there.

There is also an active community of artists and writers struggling to have their message heard. The neighborhood has a unified lesbian and gay community as well. Keep in mind, when looking for properties in the Mission, that it has the sunniest and warmest microclimate in San Francisco.

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