Mountain Cabins

Written by Michael Federico
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Mountain cabins, despite being a favorite location for low-budget horror films, are not necessarily as isolated and bare boned as many people think. There are cabins in many different states that feature all of the comforts of a traditional modern home. However, they also offer hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, and cool, clean air.

There are several small towns and villages in Colorado and California that still consist mainly of mountain cabins. Even as places like Durango and Telluride grow in popularity, a number of mountain resort communities remain relatively untouched. The spots that have managed to avoid over development and over population offer people an entirely unique vacation. People can wake up, step out of their rented mountain cabins, take in the scenery, and stroll into town where things haven't changed a whole lot in the past several decades. Trips to mountain resorts truly give a person the opportunity to slow down while still staying active.

Mountain Cabins in California's Calaveras County

When most people think of traveling to California they either plan to see Mickey Mouse and a celebrity's home in the southern part of the state or the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf in the north. Most people have not heard of Calaveras County and all that it has to offer. This has made it that much more appealing to those who do know about it.

Mountain cabins can be rented or purchased in Calaveras County. Most real estate agencies in the area have access to a number of properties in a number of towns. Each location is slightly different, but all share the qualities that most people look for in a mountain resort.

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