Mountain Homes

Written by Michael Federico
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Mountain homes do not get as much publicity as their oceanfront counterparts. However, many mountain homes are located in areas that offer a level of luxury and seclusion that is far beyond most beach resorts. Some of the countries finest spas and retreats are located in the mountains. People find that they not only escape the trappings of city life when they journey to the mountains, they also escape the multitude of tourists that often flood beach communities during the summer.

There is not one style that is particular to mountain homes. Even houses within the same area can vary greatly. There are cabins that are literally on mountainsides. There are also chalets that loom large over ski resorts. Architecture may reflect the history of the region, or it may embrace more modern standards. There is one thing that can be said about mountain homes that almost unifies them; there are a disproportionate number of homes with hot tubs in them.

Mountain Homes in California

There are only a handful of places in America where one can look upon mountains and the ocean at the same time. California is home to many of those places. Northern California, in particular, features landscapes unlike any others in the country. This has made the region one of the premiere vacation destinations for people the world over.

Calaveras County, located in Northern California, is frequented by those who want to experience mountain living. While located too far inland to look upon the Pacific, Calaveras is home to many lakes. Mountain homes located on these lakes allow people to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many vacationers spend weeks or months at a time in these houses, while some never quite find the urge to head back to city.

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