Mountain Living

Written by Michael Federico
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Mountain living is not quite what it was in the days of Grizzly Adams. While a person can still enjoy everything that Nature has to offer, including hiking, rock climbing, and wild life viewing, he can also partake in wine tasting, theatre festivals, and golf. All of this can be done while living in a luxurious home that is surrounded by woods and is only minutes away from several fine-dining establishments.

Places such as Telluride, CO have brought mountain living to Hollywood, or at least have brought Hollywood to the mountains. In the early 1990s, Telluride and other similar towns were relatively unknown. Locals mingled with skiers and other visitors who spent part of their year in the mountains. The occasional celebrity would stop by, but it was not a big deal. However, as popularity grew and film festivals developed, these spots were forever changed. Prices skyrocketed, and locals were pushed out. These once quaint communities became places to be "seen" and people were forced to go elsewhere to find the seclusion they had once enjoyed.

Mountain Living in Calaveras County

While Southern Californians were invading Colorado, small mountain towns in Northern California were going undisturbed. Calaveras County contains several spots that offer seasonal and permanent residents some of the best mountain living conditions in the country. Located 133 miles east of San Francisco and 135 miles west of Lake Tahoe, Calaveras County includes old gold rush towns, lush vineyards, lakefront properties, and even the occasional gated community.

Those who love the outdoors can explore the caverns in the region or hike through the Sierras. For those who simply want to get out of the city to slow things down, there are properties located in towns that have one road, a general store, and harvest festivals. Mountain living often gives people the sense that they are living in an entirely different world. The scenery, the weather, and the pace of life are entirely different than anywhere else.

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