Mountain Resorts

Written by Michael Federico
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Mountain resorts are often thought of as simply being havens for skiers and snowboarders. While these Winter X Games fanatics can almost always be found, mountain resorts can offer entertainment and relaxation to those who have no intention of shredding the slopes, catching air, or doing anything else that involves putting on large coats and oversized goggles. In fact, these resorts feature many of the same perks as those located at sea level.

Spas have become a major part of mountain resorts. Many of the finest feature hot spring saunas along with the more traditional mud baths and massages. People will often visit the spa after hiking, climbing, or partaking in some other form of strenuous activity. Some spa stays can last weeks, allowing the visitor to go through a complete body detox and rejuvenation session.

Mountain Resorts in Northern California

There is a distinct difference, if not an all out feud, between Northern and Southern California. While SoCal is famous for its beaches, celebrities, and plastic surgery, NorCal prides itself on its wineries, dedication to the arts, mountain getaways, and perfect weather. Okay, so they both have the perfect weather thing going.

The mountain resorts in Northern California rival those in Colorado, or anywhere else in the country for that matter. The scenery is truly breathtaking, with lakes, forests, and mountains converging on one spot. Mountain towns and villages in Calaveras County, CA offer all the standard outdoor activities, with a few vineyards, golf courses, horse back riding trails, theatres, and art galleries thrown in for good measure. Properties in the area can be bought or rented. Many people spend a portion of their time each year at one of the many mountain resorts in Calaveras. No matter what the season, there is always something unique to enjoy in what was once the center of this nation's gold rush.

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