Mulholland Drive Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Mulholland Drive real estate affords its owners a unique vantage point over Los Angeles. No place else in the city can lookers gaze down upon both the LA basin and the San Fernando Valley from the exact same spot. Imagine, then, owning a piece of Mulholland Drive real estate boasting glorious views of both cities from the same room!

The street itself, Mulholland Drive, is more of a river than a road, weaving in a serpentine fashion from the Pacific Ocean all the way east to the Cahuenga Corridor. With its tortuous path through the bluffs overlooking LA, the road was an apt metaphor for the movie by the same name, directed by David Lynch in 2001. Even to longtime residents of LA, Mulholland Drive retains an indescribable mystery, due in part to its sharp angles, dense foliage, and conspicuous lack of streetlights.

Why Purchase Mulholland Drive Real Estate?

With its location so high atop town, it would seem that Mulholland Drive real estate would be more of an inconvenience than a luxury. However, most people see it as a treat to be able to drive up and down the roads leading to and from the rest of the city. Also, another treat to Mulholland Drive residents is the closet proximity to the Getty Center, the University of Judaism, or the Skirball Center.

Many people would love the opportunity to live on Mulholland Drive. If you are one of the many individuals who are interested in Mulholland Drive real estate, you should contact a real estate agent who is familiar with the area. As with Benedict Canyon, Malibu, and other high-profile destinations, land on Mulholland is in high demand and therefore, you need a professional with access to information about houses going on the market. One thing to note is that the lower you descend on either side of the crest, the better your odds of finding sellers.

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