Murphys Real Estate

Written by Michael Federico
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Murphys real estate often represents the fusion of two different times. This historic gold miners town in California is lined with shops and homes that, in appearance, hearken back to the mid 1800s. In fact, many of these buildings have stood for that long. However, there are also houses, restaurants, and storefronts that are completely modern.

People who visit Murphys have the opportunity to experience nature and culture in one setting. The mountains offer an array of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and even white water rafting. However, the town is also home to the Murphys Creek Theatre, which brings performances of both classical and contemporary plays outdoors, and allows the audience to enjoy the star-filled mountain night while also enjoying iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets. People can also visit art galleries, wineries, and fine dining establishments while in Murphys.

Renting Murphys Real Estate

The homes and cabins in Murphys are similar to those in other mountain communities. They are often part-time residences that their owners escape to only once or twice a year. Many owners will rent out Murphys real estate throughout the year, so their property does not go to waste. Some owners will simply make their homes available during the height of the tourism season.

It is beneficial for renters to work with Murphys real estate agents. Most owners do not handle rentals themselves. There is a lot involved when taking over a residence for any period of time, so on top of having the ability to show a renter a number of available properties, they can also keep him informed on any payment and legal issues that might arise.

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