New Homes In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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New homes in San Francisco are a rarity among the beautiful mansions of Pacific Heights and the Victorian homes of the Haight-Ashbury district. Why build new homes in San Francisco when there are so many gorgeous older ones? Some historic structures from the 1880s sound great, but after a while they become too difficult to maintain and must be cleared out.

An old home in the Bay Area is still worth a lot, even if it's a run-down shack; the compactness of San Francisco--it's three times denser than the average U.S. city--makes real estate prices one of the highest in the nation. For instance, the median home price there is now almost $650,000--or about half a million more than a home in Anytown, USA. The high price is because there just isn't too much open land to develop anymore.

New Homes in San Francisco Need Old Land

San Francisco is rich with just about everything a city person could need . . . except room to grow. The area of the city is less than 50 square miles--the city is roughly seven miles square--and it's surrounded by water on three sides.
New homes in San Francisco are rare because there aren't a lot of open areas to build--unless you like to swim a lot.

While most buyers in San Francisco remodel older homes, there are some brand new homes in the city, and many more in the outlying suburbs. Rather than tracking them down yourself, a Bay Area realtor can make that task much easier for you. By trusting the experience and knowledge of a real estate agent, you can shop for a home much more efficiently.

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