Nipomo Real Estate

Written by Patty Yu
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Nipomo real estate has grown dramatically in the last four years, considering the population has nearly doubled since the year 2000. It's not a surprise considering the overall growth of San Luis Obispo County, which first experienced growth with the railroads introduced to that area in the late 1800's. The name Nipomo is derived from a Chumash Native American word meaning, "the foot of the hills."

San Luis Obispo County is almost exactly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, which is ideal to many in a lot of ways. Although both major metropolitan areas are just less than four hours away by car, most cities in San Luis Obispo County offer a small-town feel. For example, Nipomo real estate generally sees homes on an acre or more of land at a fraction of the housing costs in a metropolitan setting.

Enjoying Nipomo Real Estate

With such incredible growth in Nipomo real estate, home values are also increasing, which is a good sign for those already residing in Nipomo. Many families find the area ideal to raise children, with many outdoor recreational facilities, playgrounds, and even dog parks. New homes are built on various sized plots, from five acres to half-acre lots.

Agriculture is a big part of Nipomo's economy, with avocado and lemon orchards. The area is also right in wine country, just seven miles from the famed Arroyo Grand wine region. Residents and visitors have convenient access to both the beach, mountains, lakes, and all types of outdoor activities. The community also provides all the necessary shopping, lodging, and dining, for all types of entertainment.

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