Noe Valley

Written by Linda Alexander
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Noe Valley is one of San Francisco's best kept secrets. It's a neighborhood up the hill from the Castro, with a small town feel. Bistros, coffee houses, and bookstores are always busy but the hills that surround it give it a feel of remoteness. The area provides a respite from the chaos of the rest of the city.

Noe Valley Is Like A Small Town In A Big City

This neighborhood has a clean-cut image. Generally, it's a tight-knit and friendly community of people. Shopping is a popular pastime here. Small businesses are everywhere. There are upscale boutiques and restaurants and hardly any chain stores.

In Noe Valley, you'll see a lot of families with children and strollers and dogs in tow. The Victorian architecture of the neighborhood also attracts people. The pretty Victorians are colorful and have history to them.

Noe Valley is home to liberals as well as conservatives, and yuppies as well as working class people. Since the dot com bomb, housing prices have dropped slightly. There has been some turnover in the shopping areas, but it remains a shopper-friendly neighborhood.

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