Ocean View Properties

Written by Sarah Provost
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"Ocean view" ... the very phrase summons up visions of luxury, ease, and relaxation. Ocean view may mean the palm trees of San Diego or the rugged rocks of Maine. It may mean kayaking, surfing, volleyball or watching the sun go down with a cocktail in your hand. The one consistent thing ocean view means, though, is wealth.

Ocean view property is expensive. There's only so much coastline, and everyone wants it. However, there are some relative bargains still to be had in areas where development has not reached its peak. If you want to buy some reasonably priced ocean view property in Los Angeles or San Francisco, good luck. Halfway between, though, the dream is still possible.

Ocean View Properties on the Central Coast of California

Beach communities in San Luis Obispo County, especially smaller towns such as Oceano, Avila Beach and Shell Beach, offer some ocean view properties that are not priced out of reach. Development is certainly on its way, and property values are likely to skyrocket, but for now, it is still possible to own your personal slice of heaven.

The central coast offers great value, whether you are looking for a primary residence, a vacation retreat, or an investment property. There's an interesting art scene. There's Cal Poly State University. There are mountains and lakes and wineries. There are two major metropolitan areas, with vastly differing styles, each within a four-hour drive. Ah, but most of all, there's that ocean view.

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