Oceano Lots

Written by Sarah Provost
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Oceano is all about the dunes. This glorious stretch of undulating sand provides a model of cooperation and compromise between recreation and conservation. It's a wonderful place to visit, and a great place to live.

The dunes are home to both hordes of ATV riders and threatened or endangered species of plants and animals. For example, both the threatened snowy plover and the endangered California least tern nest within the State Vehicular Recreation Area. During their breeding season, the nest areas are fenced off and shielded from the roaring dune buggies around them, and both birds and buggies are happy.

Finding a Lot in Oceano

Beach camping certainly has its charms, but so does going home after a day of dune riding to your own place. Whether you want to build a permanent home, a vacation getaway, or just your own private camping area, there are many lots available in the Oceano area that will suit your needs. Property values here are still rather moderate, but they won't be for long, as the whole Central Coast is developing rapidly.

Visit the websites of several Oceano realtors to get a sense of what is being offered. These days, almost every property is pictured, and sometimes you can even take a virtual tour. The websites will also provide you with information about the realtors' knowledge and areas of expertise. There's a piece of land in Oceano with your name on it, and your realtor can help you find it.

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