Oceano Real Estate

Written by Sarah Provost
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The beach at Oceano is a dune buggy paradise. The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area maintains the facility for the safe enjoyment of off-road recreation, while also protecting the ecology of the area. Dune camping draws visitors from all across the United States, and inevitably, some of them decide to stay.

A Community with a Long History

The Chumash Indians were the first residents here. In 1769, Don Gaspar de Portola led an overland expedition though the dune area. The area was largely rural and agricultural until the 1930s and 40s. At that point, Oceano became a magnet for mystics, nudists, artists, writers, and other kinds of free thinkers. They formed a group identity as "Dunites" and published a magazine, which they called The Dune Forum. The Dunites believed that the Oceano Dunes was one of the centers of creative energy in California.

Perhaps it's that energy that draws you to Oceano. The population here is young, with a median age of 31. The vibe is laid-back, and the climate is gorgeous. Here you can have the best of everything: the ambience of a tiny beach community and the advantages of small cities nearby. Oceano is also halfway between the urban centers of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Your Oceano realtor will help you find the property that suits your needs. You may be looking for a cottage or condo for recreational use, or for a home for your family. Scan the websites of local realtors to get a sense of what's available. Then choose an agent to help you make your dream a reality.

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