Orange County Ca Real Estate

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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When it comes to buying or selling a home, your real estate broker is your best asset. Furthermore, a savvy team of realtors is even better than an individual realtor. Much of the business of selling real estate depends on timing and availability. If your lone realtor is unable to show you a home because he or she is busy with another potential buyer, you could miss out on the sale.

Not to mention the fact that no one will be available in the office to answer questions, fax you info, or update the agency's website very frequently. The best Orange County, CA real estate agents work as an efficient team, so that no part of the process has to lag behind. Make sure you choose a team that understands the power of the Internet and other modern avenues of communication. This will ensure that you hear about great new houses first, or that the largest number of buyers hears about the home you have for sale.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reach potential buyers is with a pre-recorded phone message. Believe it or not, potential buyers are three times as likely to call and hear about a house for sale if they know they will not have to speak with a realtor. Most people just want to get the information they want, when they want it, without any hassles. Three times the number of callers often means three times the number of offers. The more offers you have as a seller, the quicker you can sell and the higher the price you can fetch.

The First-Time Home Buyer

Buying your first house is an exciting prospect, particularly if you have been renting for many years. If you rent your home, it's nearly impossible to build true financial stability and independence. Owning a home is so much more than just owning a wonderful place to live. Owning a home is an investment that gives you new importance and clout in the eyes of money-lending institutions like banks.

Owning a home will help smooth all sorts of transitions in your life, from home improvements to orthodontia to college tuition. Most importantly, owning is the only way to stop throwing your money away. A mortgage payment does so much more than a rent check does. Rent is just money thrown down the drain. A mortgage payment, which is often comparable to the cost of monthly rent, is money that you are essentially paying yourself.

The picture perfect first-time home buyer has a 20 percent or greater down payment saved, perfect credit, a car that she owns free and clear, and a very lucrative and steady job. In other words, the perfect first-time buyer is extremely hard to find! Many of us are far from perfect, but we're still eligible to buy a house. If you don't have perfect credit, you can put down more than the minimum down payment. If you don't have the full down payment, you can work with local or national government programs for first-time buyers. Ask a realtor for his or her advice about buying a house--asking is free, simple, and easy.

Real Estate and the Nervous Seller

What if you are selling your house? Selling can be just as nerve-wracking as buying, especially when you see a house you want to buy, but you have yet to sell your home. You may lose out on the chance to buy your dream home, or you may end up saddled with two homes at once.

Powerful real estate agencies with a good deal of clout can guarantee the sale of your old home if you upgrade to one of their new homes. This guarantee is a tremendous relief to nervous sellers. Sellers have a right to be nervous; after all, only half the houses that go on the market each year end up selling.

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