Orange County Mortgages

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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When it comes to securing Orange County mortgages, it's usually best to deal with a mortgage expert. Mortgages are very complicated, and getting the right one for you can make a huge financial difference in your life. An Orange County mortgage expert can also help you deal with some of the more complicated aspects of home-financing.

Orange County Mortgages and Divorce

For example, dealing with mortgages after a divorce can be quite tricky. If you're in the middle of a divorce and the two of you co-own a home, you can deal with it four different ways. You can sell the home and split the proceeds. You can buy out your ex and stay in the home. Your ex can buy you out, and he or she can stay in the home. The fourth solution is a temporary one: the two of you continue to own the home jointly.

Each of these solutions comes with complications. If you buy your ex out to keep the home yourself, you'll need to refinance your mortgage. Since the mortgage is now going to be paid off by one salary rather than two, you'll probably need the advice and help of a mortgage expert to secure a mortgage you can handle.

Mortgage experts can help with other tricky circumstances, too. For instance, the type of mortgage you'll want if you plan to buy a fixer upper, improve it, and sell it as quickly as possible will differ from the mortgage you want if you're planning to stay in a dream home for years to come. Although you can secure a mortgage by dealing directly with your bank, it's almost always smarter to use a mortgage expert instead.

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