Orange Park Acres Real Estate

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Only one percent of houses that sell each year sell at an open house. No one is saying that open houses aren't valuable tools, but they're definitely not the most important tools in an Orange Park Acres real estate agent's arsenal. Perhaps the most important tool a real estate agent has for selling your home is information, and easy access to that information.

When your Orange Park Acres real estate agents list your home, they should include an identification number next to it. This number can be punched into a pre-recorded message that includes all sorts of valuable info about your home. The information can be accessed day or night, and the potential buyer doesn't have to talk to an agent to get the info. Once you've spent a month tracking down agents who don't return calls, or putting up with agents who call all day long, you can truly appreciate the value of a fully automated message system that lets you hear about houses while avoiding realtors.

Orange Park Real Estate and the Seller

The only thing more nerve-wracking than buying a home is selling one. Selling your house can be surprisingly difficult. Only half of the houses that go on the market each year end up selling.

Smart sellers follow a few simple rules to make the process successful and easy. First, they either sell the house within the first 30 days, or they drop the price. 40 percent of all houses which eventually sell, sell within the first month. In months two and three, that figure drops to a meager 7 percent. You'll want to make sure you're living in your home while trying to sell it, so drop the price at the beginning of month two.

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