Pasadena Real Estate

Written by Amy Hall
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Pasadena real estate has managed to remain strong, even throughout the recession that has hung over the United States economy for the past four years. The reason for this is quite simple; Pasadena is a great place to live! The weather is warm and sunny pretty much year round, there are loads of parks in the area that cater to outdoor recreation, great public libraries, fine dining, exquisite shops and boutiques, and of course, some wonderful cafes where you can just sit outside and enjoy a cappuccino or a chai tea.

Pasadena homes are reflective of the diversity of the city itself. Pasadena has quite a mixture of ethnicities, from caucasions to Latinos to African Americans, and everyone in-between. As a result, you will find apartments, condos, bungalows, cottages, as well as large estates. The Pasadena real estate market probably attracts so many people for various reasons, the two main ones being that Pasadena is ideally located close to Los Angeles, and that available housing can accommodate a broad price range.

Diverse Pasadena Real Estate

While the average median price for a single family home in Pasadena is roughly $335,000, there are many other less expensive alternatives. The Pasadena real estate market is very different from the Beverly Hills real estate market, simply because it is much more economically diverse. You would be hard-pressed to find a nice single family home in Beverly Hills for $335,000! Pasadena is only 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, so it can a great place to reside if you work in the city.

Perhaps Pasadena is most widely known for the Tournament of Roses, the famous Rose Bowl, and the Institute of Technology. But, Pasadena also has so much more to offer it's residents, including lots of outdoor recreational facilities, job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop. If you are looking for a great place to call home, Pasadena could be the answer for you.

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