Paso Robles Real Estate

Written by Patty Yu
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With strong, uninterrupted growth since 1993, Paso Robles real estate is a flourishing market. Paso Robles is part of San Luis Obispo County, an area that overall has witnessed excellent growth over the last century. Starting with the railroads opening up to California's central coast, more people are flocking to an area filled with commerce, agriculture, tourism, and recreation.

In San Luis Obispo County, residents and visitors conveniently experience the best of all worlds. A few miles to the west are beautiful, pristine beaches and quaint beach towns that dot the coastline. Mountains, hills, and many State Parks also provide several locations for enjoyable outdoor recreation like hiking, climbing, camping, biking, and bird watching.

No matter where you are in San Luis Obispo County, you are about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The reasonable drive allows city folk to enjoy time away from the metropolitan pace, another reason for the growth in Paso Robles real estate for example. Some also decide that a suburban setting is just better for raising a family, plus housing costs are much less expensive compared to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Choosing Paso Robles Real Estate

About 26,000 residents make up Paso Robles, which is located in the mountain ranges of California's central coast. The city has a healthy economy and a diverse range of industries, from retail sales, agriculture, to manufacturing jobs. Even with all the developing commerce, the city still maintains a rural feel, which attracts many to seek out Paso Robles real estate.

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