Placentia Real Estate

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Efficient Placentia real estate agents understand the value of automating. Automated electronic messages with updated information is a great way to give potential buyers a competitive edge over other buyers. This is especially true for distress sales, also known as foreclosures, which are extremely competitive. If dozens of other people are going to call about a posted foreclosure or sale, you want to make sure you call before they do.

Calling first means hearing about the new house for sale first. Good Placentia real estate companies can send you emails with info about new homes on the market. They'll send you weekly announcements of new foreclosures. They'll offer plenty of photos of houses for sale on their websites, so you can learn as much about the homes as possible before getting in your car and driving to see them. Good Plancentia real estate agents make it possible for you to be proactive about your house hunt.

Pre-Recorded Messages

If you are selling a house, make sure the Placentia real estate agent you choose harnesses the power of pre-recorded messages. If prospective buyers know they can find out all sorts of information about a house without having to endure a tedious sales pitch from an aggressive realtor, they'll be more likely to call. If prospective buyers are interested in two houses--one where they have to track down an absentee realtor or put up with an aggressive realtor, and one where they can learn about the house without talking to anybody--they're likely to pursue the house with the pre-recorded message first.

Make sure that house is yours. Don't lose out to the competition because your realtor doesn't return calls, or calls too often. Your real estate agent should be accessible to potential buyers, but the buyers should be able to learn about your house totally independently.

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