Plumbing Inspections

Written by Seth Cotterell
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A certified house inspection performed by a trained, professional home inspector is a comprehensive examination of a home used to identify defects and other faults before the house is bought or sold. Buyers often hire house inspectors for a pre-purchase investigation of the property. This is an excellent way for buyers to protect their investments.

A certified inspection will take into account all aspects of a house's condition. On the outside, the inspector will note the condition of the house's windows, screens, doors, porches, fences, and walls. Inside, the inspector will note the condition of walls, ceilings, floors, windows, smoke detectors, and all rooms. An examination of the foundation, wiring, and roof will also be conducted.

Certified Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing is an area of special concern. Faulty pipes are not only a hassle to home owners, but they can cause extensive damage to property and possessions. When the plumbing goes bad, the cost of replacing it can be quite high. That price only increases when you factor in the cost of replacing carpets, floors, and personal belongings that can be damaged by bad plumbing.

The plumbing portion of a certified house inspection should focus on the condition of the waste drainage system. It should also identify distribution and supply lines. Once these main lines are identified, the inspector will move on to examine water heaters, drains, vents, traps, and other fixtures. Proper installation is key, and this will be examined and noted in the inspector's report. A plumbing section will appear in the report that will detail any areas of concern while noting the overall condition of the pipes. If there are any plumbing concerns, it's best to take care of those right away--putting them off usually only causes more problems.

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