Potrero Hill

Written by Linda Alexander
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Potrero Hill is a trendy neighborhood that attracts artists, computer people, and anybody who enjoys quiet residential living. The view here is beautiful and the area has a sunny microclimate. If you're visiting San Francisco, since the fog lifts here before other areas, this is a great place to take an afternoon stroll.

Changes In Potrero Hill

The residential streets in Potrero Hill are clean and the neighborhood is largely isolated by freeways. It was an industrial area through most of the 20th century. But the 1990s dot com boom, in combination with de-industrialization, started a trend in loft construction. The old warehouses and factories have now turned into living and working space for entrepreneurs.

Potrero Hill does have one drawback. It is close to housing projects which makes it prone to crime. Since it's also a working neighborhood, after the workday is done, there isn't much going on. So if you want to take a walk there at night, be careful.

The main shopping area is along 18th street. There are lots of gathering spots there where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a newspaper. New construction continues on the north side of the neighborhood. There are also condos being built on the eastern and southern sides. If you're looking for a quiet, residential area with a sunny climate, Potrero Hill is for you.

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