Realtors In California

Written by Linda Alexander
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Realtors in California belong to the California Association of Realtors; a membership organization with a strict code of ethics. They have access to various resources such as real estate attorneys who can provide counsel. They also receive current information on a variety of issues related to real estate.

Realtors in California Go Above and Beyond

Some Realtors in California have gone even further. They may have additional training for specific markets, such as Senior Citizens. They might also have additional education or professional designations that make them stand out from ordinary real estate brokers.

Interview several Realtors in California before making a choice. Ask any questions you might have about how they handle transactions, whether you are buying or selling. Because you might buy or sell again in the future, it's good to develop a long-term relationship with your Realtor.

You can also ask family and friends for recommendations. If they have had a bad experience, you will know who to avoid. Likewise, if they had a good experience with an agent, you should probably interview that agent also. Most real estate agents would be happy to receive the referral from your friend.

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