Richmond Properties

Written by Linda Alexander
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Richmond properties are as diverse as those of any neighborhood in San Francisco. Primarily comprising mid 20th century housing, Richmond is a more newly-developed area of the city. Like Sunset, it started out as sand dunes, and builders accelerated development after the 1906 earthquake and fire, when replacement housing was needed.

Richmond Properties: Prime Real Estate

It's unfortunate, but it's taken nearly 100 years for people to realize this is prime real estate. Many properties there consist of buildings covered in stucco. The area is rich with immigrant history and student life.

It's a mainly residential area, home to Russian, Irish, and Chinese Americans. Inner Richmond, known as "New Chinatown," has many delicious Chinese restaurants and discount groceries. Outer Richmond properties house Russian delis, Irish pubs, and an orthodox church.

Few chain restaurants dot the commercial areas. Richmond remains a primarily residential area. One caveat: the neighborhood ends at the Pacific Ocean, meaning fog settles in shortly after 3 on most afternoons. If you can put up with the doom and gloom, you'll find Richmond properties among the best values in San Francisco.

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