Rocklin Real Estate

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Rocklin is the perfect location for those who want a rural retreat with fast access to downtown Sacramento or the Lake Tahoe area for work or pleasure, due to its proximity to Highway 80. The cost of homes in this area is a little more reasonable than some of the other high-end communities in the area, and if you're a first-time buyer, Rocklin real estate might be perfect for you.

Rocklin Real Estate and Small Town Living

Rocklin is situated in Gold Rush country, and like many other Sacramento communities, is steeped in history. Nestled at the base of the Sierra Foothills, Rocklin real estate has all the charm of small town living. Although most residents choose Rocklin for the pleasant lifestyle, an added bonus is the wonderful California weather.

Community Strength

Community atmosphere is strong in Rocklin, and if you like active communities, you'll be happy to know that the residents of Rocklin recently succeeded in blocking a proposed McDonald's Drive Thru by gathering over a thousand signatures on their petitions. They want the area to stay rural and they're prepared to move to protect their community from commercial development.

However, this doesn't mean that Rocklin is devoid of business and employment opportunities. Rocklin real estate is within easy driving distance of Roseville, Folsom and Fair Oaks, which all boast thriving business communities. Like other communities in the area, Rocklin has good schools and recreation facilities for the family.

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