Roof Inspections

Written by Seth Cotterell
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A comprehensive home inspection should be conducted before you purchase a house. Too many people overlook this necessity and buy a house without inspecting it first only to discover major structural problems down the road. They end up with a cracked foundation or a leaky roof that must be repaired. Such repairs are costly and can be avoided with a house examination conducted by a certified inspector.

Thoroughness is a major qualification for a certified home inspector. Every aspect of a house must be examined up close and reported on. Exterior condition of windows, screens, doors, porches, additions, and fences must be detailed. The house's interior must be equally thoroughly inspected. Walls, windows, ceilings, floors, outlets, wiring, and plumbing should be analyzed.

Certified Roof Inspections

The roof is an area where extra close attention must be paid. Faulty roofs are some of the most common home defects, and they are expensive to fix. Roof inspections will identify any problems that may exist before you buy. Roof inspections include an in depth analysis of the roofing material used and its age and current condition. Skylights and vents will be inspected to ensure proper installation. If there are rain gutters present, they too will be inspected to ensure proper function and good condition. After all, even the little things play a role in the value of the home.

Roof inspections should be part of any comprehensive, certified home inspection. The cost of a roof inspection is extremely reasonable when you consider the cost of a major home repair like replacing a roof. Leaky roofs can damage valuable or sentimental possessions, not to mention the cost of fixing it. A local agency should be able to provide a well-trained and certified inspector to meet your needs. You may want to look for inspectors that are members of ASHI.

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