Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Written by Norene Anderson
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Rosarito Beach real estate agents can offer a home that will have you overlooking one of the most beautiful spans of water in the world. The beach line is just south of the downtown area of Rosarito. This town has the beauty and the fun activities you would expect from a beach town. The sandy white beach is excellent for beach volleyball, sunbathing, or just taking a leisurely stroll.

The Pacific Ocean is the front yard of Rosarito Beach real estate. This community is south of the Mexican border by about 20 miles. It is located in Baja California. An hour away from San Diego, this is a convenient location for buying a second home or a retirement home. Everything you need is available in this community to make your vacation or permanent residence a great experience.

Properties Available in Rosarito Beach Real Estate

If you choose to vacation in Rosarito, there are many Rosarito Beach real estate properties available for rent. This is a great way to decide if you want to purchase or just spend a relaxing time away from it all. Homes and condos of all sizes and prices are accessible through an agent or broker. Make sure you use a service familiar with Mexican law, especially if you choose to purchase (rather than rent) property in Mexico.

While you are in Rosarito, one of the best ways to see the land is on one of the many tours that are offered. These tours will take you to the most interesting places and attractions in and around Rosarito. After your excursion, relax on the beach or on the deck of your accommodations while you listen to the waves come and go.

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Info You Need to Know - Part II

Two more things: the book isn't just about laws but also about how the whole buying and closing process works. It also covers taxes and capital gains. The other thing is the link didn't work in my first comment! Here it is again:

Info You Need to Know

Before buying any property in Mexico you need to understand the big differences between the laws there and the laws here. Check out for the Practical Guide to Buying Property in Mexico. This tells you everything you have to know.