San Diego, California Property Listings

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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San Diego, California property listings are admittedly among the nation's more expensive. They are also in one of the nation's more amazing areas. With world-famous surf, the world's greatest concentration of golf courses, and a small city character, it's no wonder that San Diego has become California's hot real estate spot. Visitors decide to stay and residents don't leave.

San Diego is the nation's seventh-largest city, yet it does not boast a metropolitan area, and is proud of it. The city and county of San Diego are contiguous. The overall population stands at about 2.8 million. The average home price of San Diego, California property listings in 2003 was $690,000 for a single-family home and $392,000 for a multi-unit dwelling--a rise of 40 percent and nearly 30 percent over 2002. The bubble, if there is one, has not yet burst.

Making the Most of San Diego, California Property Listings

In such a seller's market, home buyers are best advised to weigh needs against wants. For example, you don't need a fireplace and a view, you want them. You need, depending on the size of your family, more than one bedroom and more than one bath. As you study the meticulous detail that San Diego, California property listings provide, bear such distinctions in mind. Be flexible!

The next step is to know the neighborhoods as well as possible before linking up with a realtor. Across San Diego's 4,200 square miles of coast, desert, and mesa are 18 cities, 70-odd miles of coastline, 42 school districts, and 114 zip codes. That is, you will select one house in one of more than 100 neighborhoods. You want to be happy with your choice.

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