San Diego Houses For Sale

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Before you start looking at San Diego houses for sale, you'll do well to sit down with yourself and weigh your needs against your wants. The market in San Diego, after all, is intensely competitive. Between 2002 and 2003 alone, for example, the rise in the average detached house price was 40 percent, and the rise in the average attached dwelling just under 30 percent. The respective prices, just to flesh out this picture, were $690,000 and $392,000.

These numbers are not meant to dissuade you from hoping or planning to look at San Diego houses for sale. They are meant to ground you so that you are able to both find a home you can afford and be happy there. Start by listing your needs and wants. Distinguish between them. Prioritize your wants.

Both will speak for themselves to a large degree. For example, you don't need a fireplace or a view, you want a fireplace and a view. If you have a family, however, you probably do need at least two bathrooms. Several other questions will help with the needs list you have for San Diego houses for sale. Are you planning on staying put for a long time, or just several years? If you have children, will they be going to public schools or private? Is public transportation important or will you drive?

Where to Look for San Diego Houses for Sale

The more you know about San Diego--or the specific areas within San Diego that you're considering--the better off you'll be as you work with a realtor. This means researching and reading and then visiting. Taking your time. This is an important investment. San Diego stretches 35 miles from Del Mar in the north along the Pacific coast past La Jolla, the north beaches, Coronado, the Silver Strand and Imperial Beach. It stops on the Mexican border. To the east it runs about 20 miles. There are more than 100 communities and neighborhoods in these 4,200 square miles. You'll choose among them. Know them before you do.

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