San Diego Real Estate Agent

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A San Diego Real Estate Agent Protects Your Interests

A San Diego real estate agent should be an invaluable part of your search for the best home for you, and of the negotiations leading to closing. Starting with your financial resources, the two of you can arrive at a pretty accurate amount for the purchase price you can afford. By figuring in your gross income, debts, credit history, and cash savings, you will be able to calculate your buying power.

If you want to let your buying power pretty much determine the location of your future home, your San Diego agent can go to work for you on this basis. If, however, you can pay a certain amount and want to live in a particular community, such as Coronado across the Coronado Bridge, your San Diego real estate agent can tell you if this is feasible. It may be that your buying power will get you into that community, but only in a condo. If so, you will have to regroup if you are determined to find a single-family residence, for instance.

Market Value, Appraisal Value

Basically, a home has no value other than what someone will pay for it! Think of the ups-an-downs of the California real estate market in the 1990s compared to the boom times of today. The appraised value is the monetary figure determined by a certified appraiser of the worth of a house. Naturally, this figure will change, perhaps from year to year.

The market value is what the house will sell for at any given time. This, too, will change, and change rapidly in an escalating market such as today. How to determine an appropriate selling price for your house, or an appropriate purchase price if you're the buyer? Your San Diego realtor can perform a comparative market analysis to see what comparable homes in a particular location have sold for recently.

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