San Diego Real Estate Listing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A San Diego Real Estate Listing Provides Information

A San Diego real estate listing tells a potential buyer basic information: price, acreage, location, and number of bedrooms and baths. If available, a photograph of the property is published. Take note of a most important detail, the MLS number. This Multiple Listing Service number will enable your San Diego realtor to track the house even if you forget the town it's in!

So when you go online to explore the website of a San Diego agent, and you find an attractive house in a location you prefer, write down the MLS number for future reference. When you are looking at a San Diego real estate listing, realize that the realtor's website is not only showing listings from that particular agent, but from the MLS also. The MLS is like a gigantic pot of real estate that realtors contribute to for the benefit of other realtors and their clients.

List Price, Sale Price, Appraised Value

Real estate terminology can be confusing, and this is only one of many areas in which a professional can assist a potential buyer. The list price you see in the MLS is simply the hoped-for figure set by the seller. This figure can be high, low, or an approximation of what the seller wants.

The sales price is what you, the buyer, would actually pay for the property. Here is where the appraiser's estimate of the worth of the home may be determinative. This estimate should be based, among other factors, on a comparable sales analysis so there is a more objective standard by which to arrive at a final purchase price. Nevertheless, this final price may also be driven by such subjective elements as competitive bids from determined buyers.

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