San Diego Real Estate Listings

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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What you'll realize as you look through available properties on San Diego real estate listings is that the area is indeed the hot spot of southern California. In the last year, for example, the average sales price of detached homes has risen approximately 40 percent. The price of attached homes--whether condominiums or townhouses--has risen nearly 30 percent. Demand is clearly high.

San Diego real estate listings will also show that the average sales price in 2003 was about $392,000 for an attached home, and $690,000 for a detached. These are realistic current average prices, the ones you'll pay or get. They tell a lot about market conditions today. The median and average figures from the last U.S. census and official extrapolations, for example, put the median home price at $227,500, or thereabouts.

FAQ on San Diego Real Estate Listings

The indispensable tool in any search for property anywhere is the local MLS, or multiple service listing. A registered realtor has access to all San Diego real estate listings, works with it on a daily basis, and is thus well qualified with making the most of it. You, too, however, can search these same listings to get your bearings in the market.

Information the listings provide include the unique MLS identification number, complete street address, residential community name, school district, sale price, property type, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, year built, and special features. The better acquainted you are with San Diego's geography and neighborhoods, the more this information will mean to you. Property values will vary of course, depending on whether you're looking in the established upscale communities of, for example, the northern San Diego beach area--La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay--or the burgeoning Chula Vista and Imperial Beach areas.

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