San Diego Real Estate Trends

Written by Krystin Spellman
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When it comes to the real estate market, timing is everything. When investing in the real estate market, how much of a profit do you intend to make? In reality, you can either make thousands of dollars or potentially lose money. The key to your success ultimately depends on knowing how to predict when property values are hitting their highs and lows.

Many people believe that these highs and lows occur without warning and can not be accurately anticipated. If you are one of the many people that share this belief, think again. Many academics have found that past real estate cycles, as with many aspects of history, will undoubtedly repeat themselves. There are often clues found in the simple economics of supply and demand that can help you predict whether or not the market will turn.

Watching the Trends
Every real estate markets is cyclical, allowing economists to report on market trends daily. Many markets have seen unprecedented growth in recent years, and San Diego is no exception. When real estate prices go up, they tend to stagnate after a while, and in some cases, plunge. Following this down-cycle, prices tend to rise again.

This is common because there is typically a breaking point. Once homes become too expensive to afford, buyers hold off. Other factors such as climbing interest rates and over population of an area can also have a huge impact on the market, ultimately shaping the decision of homeowners on whether or not to sell. By watching for these signs, buyers can begin making informed decisions, identifying a potential investment opportunity when they see one.

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