San Diego School Information

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As you look at houses in greater San Diego school information will be an important factor in your decision. Although the demographics of a neighborhood do contribute to the quality of its public schools, many other factors do as well. It is too simple, for example, to equate affluent neighborhoods with good education. One significant set of numbers to look at are in the Academic Performance Index (API), which measures student achievement in California schools.

Whether you're moving across town or in from elsewhere and have school age children, all this is of course very important to you. Online resources for public San Diego school information are a good start. One particularly comprehensive website is maintained by the Education Data Partnership, which provides detailed demographic, financial, and performance data on California's public education system.

As far as private and parochial schools are concerned, online San Diego school information is not--by definition--as comprehensive. One starting point here is the directory of San Diego businesses. Another is called, and offers a database of both public and private schools nationwide. Among the better-known and first-rate schools in this group are Bishop's, Francis W. Parker, and La Jolla Country Day School.

Basic San Diego School Information

The greater San Diego area, with a population of approximately three million, is divided into 42 school districts. In the 2002-2003 school year, there were some 590 public schools, 46 charter schools, more than 80 private and parochial schools. The median API for San Diego County's schools was 725 during the 2000-2001 school year against California's 684. As far as higher education is concerned, San Diego is home to four universities and numerous community colleges.

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