San Fernando Valley Realtors

Written by Courtney Salinas
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The San Fernando Valley has many public transportation options available to its residents. The areas within the city of Los Angeles have access to the Los Angeles bus system. Recently, the L.A. Metro subway line was extended north to Universal City and North Hollywood. These two stations have become transportation hubs where you can easily catch a bus once you get off the subway. There are also commuter trains that run from The Valley to downtown Los Angeles.

Although it is so close to the Los Angeles Basin, The Valley has a somewhat different climate. The Valley can be considerably hotter than areas in the L.A. Basin. Depending on location, some areas can be as much as 15 degrees hotter. Rainfall also affects the Valley much more than the Los Angeles basin. Though rain in the area is rare, it is inevitable and sometimes causes a lot of chaos and flooding.

In 2002, there was a proposition to have the Valley secede from the rest of Los Angeles. Opponents of the measure claimed it was racially motivated, even though the demographics of the Valley aren't much different from the demographics of the rest of Los Angeles. Proponents cited a study that showed $400 million dollars a year in tax revenue that the city of Los Angeles siphoned out of the Valley. The mayor staunchly opposed the proposition and it was defeated by voters.

Finding a Realtor in the San Fernando Valley

If you're looking for a home in the Valley, it's best to find a realtor who is located in the Valley. Not only will they know the area better, but they'll have quicker access to the properties you're looking at. Traffic in Los Angeles can be stifling at times and if your realtor is on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains from you, it can sometimes take hours for them to get into the Valley.

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