San Francisco Real Estate Agents

Written by Robert Mac
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San Francisco real estate agents are some of the most important tools in the process of buying a home in the Bay Area. Another important resource is the online multiple listing services that contain particular information about most of the properties available in San Francisco. Real estate agents can help you interpret that data, and provide additional information about those properties as well.

Getting the Most from San Francisco Real Estate Agents

In San Francisco, real estate agents have a more difficult job than agents in other markets. Bay Area real estate is notoriously expensive--the median home price in 2004 was over $647,000--and the current buying flurry has kept them extra busy. They only have time for the most serious investors.

If you are interested in dabbling in the Bay Area real estate market, a look at the properties on multiple listing services is a great introduction. The MLS has all the pertinent data about properties for sale, including price, size, location, number of rooms, and so on. You can get a quick overview of what's available before contacting an agent with particular questions.

Having a general idea of the current market helps you make your agent's job easier. Rather than walking you through all the properties, you can both save precious time by cutting to the chase and asking specific questions about the properties that most interest you. This is when an agent's expertise is most useful.

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