San Francisco Realtors

Written by Robert Mac
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San Francisco realtors represent property sellers, and since they generally work on commission, they are quite diligent about their work. Right now, the second most expensive housing market in the U.S. is in and around San Francisco; realtors in the Bay Area work with multi-million dollar properties on a regular basis. To say this is a serious market is an understatement--in San Francisco, the stakes are a little bit higher and the realtors know it.

Working with San Francisco Realtors

Realtors are busy people and can't afford to show every property to every person with a passing fancy. It's not that they aren't helpful; it's just that their time is precious, especially when lots of it is stuck in Bay Area traffic getting from one property to the next. Be considerate of their time and prepare as much as possible before meeting with them.

The more information you bring to San Francisco realtors, the more they can help you in your search for the right property. For instance, if you provide them with the types of properties you are looking for, the price range, or the area in which you want to look, it will save both of you valuable time. Remember, they don't work for you as much as with you.

There are a lot of sources to check out before meeting with San Francisco realtors. For instance, multiple listing services are databases with all the empirical data about properties that are currently listed: the number of rooms, when they were built, lot size, and the like. Meeting with a realtor with a list of the requirements you want in your property will make their job easier and save you both time in the long run.

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