San Francisco Townhouses

Written by Robert Mac
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San Francisco townhouses, like condominiums, are a great investment and a way to get into the Bay Area's pricey housing market without having to buy the whole block. There are a number of singles and couples without children who also buy San Francisco townhouses because they don't require the space of a house with kids' bedrooms or a rumpus room. And since San Francisco has always had a large single population, reselling a townhouse or loft isn't a concern.

There is an appeal to compact living that becomes even more apparent when you visit San Francisco for the first time. For a single person or couple, a single-family home--complete with family room, yards, and other kid spaces, is impractical. Space is limited and real estate in high demand, so getting only what you need is the most efficient way to live in compact and crowded San Francisco.

The advantage of San Francisco townhouses is just that: they've trimmed the fat and provide smaller space for more compact living. While this may not be in demand in other markets with more room (San Francisco only covers 50 square miles), it is in the Bay Area. Plus, since 60 percent of the city is single, the need for family-sized homes is further reduced.

Shopping for San Francisco Townhouses?

Start with the Multiple Listing Service and only look for townhouses (rather than single family or multiple family properties) and let your fingers do the work. You can search for properties by area, price range, size, or a number of other criteria. It's recommended to enlist the help of a real estate agency when you are serious enough to make the plunge into ownership--goodbye landlord, hello mortgage.

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