San Luis Obispo County Mls

Written by Sarah Provost
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Let's say you spent an afternoon in San Luis Obispo County as a convenient halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Let's say--no stretch here--that you fell in love with it. The mild climate, the uncrowded beaches, the rich greenness and the charm of the small coastal villages drew you back, and back again, until you decided to make your home there. Now what?

Now you and your realtor start scouring the MLS listings. MLS (multiple list service) assures that your realtor can obtain all the information needed about every home on the market in San Luis Obispo County. These listings provide such important data as the specific town, street address, type of dwelling, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, and the size of the lot.

Use MLS Listings to Focus Your Search

What makes MLS listings such an invaluable tool is that you can search the data for specific qualifications. If you are looking for a three bedroom, one and a half bath house on more than an acre of land, you can see all--and only--the houses that meet your criteria. There's no need to search through all the listings to find the ones that interest you.

Before the wide availability of MLS listings, that's exactly what you would have to do. Not only that, but you would have to do it at the office of every realtor in the county to be sure you'd seen all the properties being offered. Now, aren't you glad you have MLS?

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