Santee Ca Real Estate

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Santee CA Real Estate for Rural Pleasures

Santee CA real estate lies in an ideal location--close to the beaches and activities of San Diego, but removed from the traffic and crowds. Lying northeast of downtown San Diego, Santee has the rural surroundings that appeal to many people, especially families. Real estate in this small town is more affordable than the coast, that's for sure!

With the lure of the nearby Pacific Ocean and the outdoor activities of the Cleveland National Forest just to the east, Santee offers a fabulous variety of recreation. Like the rest of East San Diego County, this town has easy access to the ocean, mountains, and deserts of the region. Whatever you feel like doing, it's here!

Affordable Housing in the Area

Although Southern California housing prices have skyrocketed recently, Santee CA real estate has relatively affordable housing. Whether you are looking for the stability of Santee homes or prefer more care-free mobile homes, the town has a range of prices and options. A San Diego real estate agent can show you the homes that fit your budget and buying power.

Although the San Diego Multiple Listing Service (MLS) allows all agents and brokers to tap into the listings for any community, an agent who specializes in the eastern part of the county might be more familiar with the territory. You want answers to questions about the schools, the weather in the microclimate of Santee, safety and security issues, and recreational possibilities. A local agent might very well be able to give you specifics that tell you Santee is the place you want to live.

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