Sell A Condo In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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Sell a condo in San Francisco and use it to buy a mansion just about anyplace else. Since the median house price in the Bay Area is now the second highest in the nation, prices for even small properties like lofts and condos are higher than houses three times the size in the middle of the country. You could sell a condo in San Francisco at $1000 per square foot and then buy a home in the sticks for $200 a square foot--but why leave San Francisco?

How Can I Sell a Condo in San Francisco?

In other markets, selling a condo is tricky: most of the home buying is done by families who are looking for--guess what?--single-family homes. A family of five needs a condo as much as a single professional needs a 3000 square foot house with a rumpus room. But in San Francisco, there is a significant portion of the population looking for smaller, funkier, urban condos, so the market is there--you just need to get to them.

Find a real estate agency to help list your property with a Multiple Listing Service. An MLS lists all the real estate in a given area so that anyone can search for exactly what they are looking for. The information is available in a database in specific parameters; people can search properties by their size, cost, age, location, or just about anything else.

You can sell a condo in San Francisco by yourself, but since it's still a hot market (and a very expensive one), getting professional help will make it much easier. Plus, a real estate agent can coach you on how to make your condo look as sellable as possible--as well as up your asking price. Housing is a serious industry in San Francisco and letting realtors handle it will guarantee that you'll get serious offers.

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