Sell A Home In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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Sell a home in San Francisco and you can probably retire anywhere you like. The Bay Area is notorious for the high cost of housing--it's been that way ever since the Gold Rush--and if you sell a home in San Francisco now, while the housing market is still frantic, you'll do well. The median home cost in San Francisco in 2000 was more than $450,000, but has climbed much higher since.

San Francisco is a boom town--it was just a dusty village of 800 people before gold was discovered up the road in the mid-1800s. Overnight, the city exploded, and--because it's a relatively small area--real estate became vital. As the city became the center for finance, culture, and shipping on the west coast, the price of land went through the roof--it was even more expensive than Manhattan during the peak of the dot com boom.

Sell a Home in San Francisco While the Getting Is Good

For the last few quarters, the national housing market has been very hot, especially in California. Median home prices have gone up close to 40 percent in parts of southern California between 2003 and 2004, and more than 15 percent in San Francisco. Because there is a slight shortage of homes, the market is great for sellers; low interest rates make it appealing to buyers.

Don't try to sell a home in San Francisco by yourself. Getting the right real estate agent--someone who knows the area and the market--will make the process much smoother on your end. Plus, you can spend the time shopping for a new home while they handle the sale of your current one. Looking online for a real estate agent can be a great first step.

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