Sell A House In San Diego

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Given how strong the real estate market is these days, you might be feeling a bit cavalier if you plan to sell a house in San Diego. This is not advisable. You want to be sure that you're not starting off on one of two wrong feet. That is, you don't want your calculation on the value of your property to be inflated. Neither do you want to succumb to the idea that you're holding the reins and someone will pay your asking price no matter what.

Thoughts on How to Sell a House in San Diego

The card that virtually every one of the buyers out there holds--and I'm mixing metaphors deliberately, just to keep you on your toes, Dave Barry style--is that they have a realtor helping them search. They're getting informed counsel on the value of property, the availability of property, and how to deal with the competition. They'll pay high but fair, no more than that.

You want to remember that as you prepare to sell a house in San Diego. The city and surrounding area is among the top five real estate markets in the country after Honolulu, San Francisco, and Boston. (The market does fluctuate, so what is true one quarter may not necessarily be so the next.) That it is doesn't mean, however, that one can regard the usual common sense of the marketplace.

An owner wanting to sell a house in San Diego needs a realtor just as much as a buyer does. No matter how desirable a residential property is, if it's not fairly priced, it won't garner the contract bidding war that a fairly priced one will. That is a simple but tested reality of the marketplace. A realtor is rigorously trained to advise and assist both buyers and sellers. You win on three fronts. First, your house is priced accurately and fairly. Second, because it is, you'll get a generous number of offers. Third, you'll have someone (the realtor) to handle the dirty work.

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